LowBall News Oct 23 2014 - 4:23pm
LowBall News Oct 23 2014 - 12:50am

The deeper recesses of the interwebs were sent a flutter today with the rumor of "real" LowCards. The implications of the mass hysteria were felt far and near. The world's leading wiffle publication, The LowPress, was shut down for the day as an unprecedented number of visitors descended upon the creaky virtual architecture. Now the source of the mayhem can finally be made public, there are indeed 10 sets of LowCards in existence. These cards have been meticulously crafted to resemble the imperfections of vintage baseball cards. In addition the sets have been handstamped with their respective series numbers, thus immediately increasing the value by at least 10 cents.

Every player making their way to HST during Wifftober will be given their card from the 008 set. There are 7 complete sets available for purchase during Wifftober week. $5 will get you the 15 card set plus two wiffle stickers delivered in an artisanal package. Place your order today by smoke signal or email.

The Editors Jul 14 2014 - 12:04am

The LowPress would like to remind you that July is SOUL Wiffle month. You are encouraged to celebrate the backyard roots of our beloved sport by "wiffling where you find yourself." This mantra is especially important during the extended allstar break when a wiffler may be tempted to let the edge off their world class plastic skills.

Since launching the "Wiffle Where You Find Yourself" campaign at last season's Wiffle Scramble, we have received many questions concerning appropriate times to wiffle. We hope the below guide will be of aid in your decision process.

I am at the dentist, about to go under to have my massive overbite fixed, should I wiffle?
No, this would be a poor choice as your motor skills will be dulled.

I am at a Hall and Oates concert, should I wiffle?
Yes, of course all music occurrences call for wiffle, but especially Hall and Oates during I Can't Go For That when that mean synth kicks in and they...